Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga

2015 Legislative Agenda

Our advocacy committee has put forward a list of legislation introduced in the 2015 general assembly. We will be closely watching these bills and keep you informed.

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Below is a list of the bills we are advocating for this session. We believe these bills will have an impact on the safety and quality of lives of women and girls in our state. Click the link to find out more information. 

In Favor:

 SB610/HB41 Disallow waiving the 12 hour jailing of those arrested for domestic abuse

SB667/HB830 Requires LEA’s to teach domestic violence awareness in middle/high

 SB43/HB268 Wiretapping as a tool to be able to better combat trafficking

 SB373/HB269 Extended statute of limitations on sex crimes against children

 SB795/HB865 Minor victims of prostitution to be transferred to shelter

 SB1186/HB581 Shifts from under 15 to under 18 for felony offense for trafficking for commercial sex

 SB1372/HB1270 Adds victim of violated domestic assault order of protection to those entitled to victim’s rights 

 SB667/HB661 Prohibits person charged with abuse, neglect, or endangerment, or aggravated abuse, neglect or endangerment, of a child from being released within 12 hours of arrest if it is determined that offender is a threat to alleged victim, unless sufficient time has elapsed to protect the victim

 SB 864/HB903 TN Pay Equity Act

SB16/HB275 Funding for TBI training on sex trafficking


 SB586/HB1340 NAS Law – adds meth to drugs for which mother can be arrested for assault of child.

SB646/HB13 DHS to be prevented from asking to extend waiver to SNAP work requirements

 HB 1302 Hardaway / SB 1374 Kyle – This bill takes away funds from domestic violence shelters to pay for global positioning monitoring (GPS) for indigent domestic abuse and stalking defendants.