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Legislative Agenda 2016

Our legislative agenda for the 2016 general assembly session.

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Wage, Fair Pay, Leave Policies - Economic Self Sufficiency


SB 1759/HB 1802 - Public Health - To the extent permitted by federal law, prohibits the department of health from counting the basic allowance for subsistence as income in determining eligibility of an applicant who is a member of the uniformed service for the special food program for women, infants, and children

SB 663/ HB 557 -     Employees, Employers - Authorizes the department of labor, subject to the availability of federal funding, to study the feasibility of the development or implementation of a paid family and medical leave program.

SB 2298/HB 1947 - Sex Discrimination - Enacts the “Tennessee Pay Equality Act.”

SB 1159/HB 974 -    Employees, Employers - Enacts the "Tennessee Pregnant Workers Fairness Act." - Amends TCA Title 4 and Title 50.


Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault


SB 1372/HB 1270 - Victims' Rights - Adds victims of domestic assault, violation of an order of protection or restraining order, stalking, and domestic victims of vandalism and false imprisonment to those who receive victims' rights as set out in title 40 chapter 38, part 3. - Amends TCA Title 40, Chapter 38.

SB 1841/HB 2120 - Sexual Offenses - Extends the statute of limitation for aggravated statutory rape committed on or after July 1, 2016, from four years to 25 years from the date the victim becomes 18 years of age.

SB 2326/HB 2434 - Evidence - Permits victim of domestic violence to testify via two-way closed circuit television if the court finds that the victim would be traumatized by testifying in the courtroom with the defendant present. - Amends TCA Title 24, Chapter 7.

SB 2592/HB 2116 - Domestic Violence - Prohibits a landlord from evicting victims of domestic abuse, minor children, and innocent occupants when domestic abuse is the underlying reason for terminating a lease.

SB 2495/HB 2562 - Child Abuse - Requires a defendant convicted of knowingly failing to report child sexual abuse to pay a minimum fine of $2,500 if the defendant was in a position of trust or had supervisory or disciplinary power over the victim by virtue of the defendant's legal, professional, or occupational status. - Amends TCA Title 37; Title 39 and Title 49.

SB 2611/HB 2399 - Sexual Offenses - Increases penalty for statutory rape by an authority figure from Class C felony to Class B felony if more than a four-year age difference; creates Class C felony penalty for statutory rape by an authority figure if less than four-year age difference. - Amends TCA Section 39-13-532.


Pregnancy Criminalization


SB 1629/ HB 1660 - Criminal Offenses - Deletes the July 1, 2016, termination date for legislation permitting the prosecution of a woman for assault of a fetus based on her illegal use of narcotic drugs while pregnant and creating the affirmative defense that the woman completed an addiction recovery program.

SB 586/HB 1340 -    Criminal Offenses -Includes methamphetamine within drugs for which a mother can be prosecuted for assault if her baby is born harmed or addicted to methamphetamine.


Women’s Health


SB 1677/HB 1823 - Birth Control - Clarifies that "contraceptive supplies" includes oral hormonal contraceptives and hormonal contraceptive patches for purposes of the Family Planning Act of 197.

SB 1958/HB 1847 - Pharmacy, Pharmacists - Authorizes pharmacists to prescribe and dispense hormonal contraceptive patches and self-administered oral contraceptives in certain circumstances


Human/Sex Trafficking


SB 1186/ HB 0581- Sexual Offenses - Increases from under 15 to under 18 the age of a child for a Class A felony offense of trafficking for commercial sex acts; adds affirmative defense

SB 1673/HB 1754 - Criminal Procedure - Adds the offense of human trafficking to the list of crimes that require the offender to register for the Tennessee sexual offender and violent sexual offender registration.

SB 2000/HB 1693 - Criminal Offenses - Clarifies that for the offense of trafficking for a commercial sex act it is not a defense to prosecution that the intended victim was a law enforcement officer or that the victim is a minor who consented to the act or acts constituting the offense. - Amends TCA Section 39-13-309.

SB 470/HB 882 -   Criminal Offenses - Increases the penalty for sexual exploitation of a minor from a Class D felony to a Class C felony if the state proves the actual identity or age of the minor victim


Reproductive Rights


SB 1770/HB 1758- Abortion - As introduced, prohibits abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy except to preserve the life and health of the mother

SB 1190/HB 0989 - Abortion - As introduced, revives and reenacts the informed consent and waiting period statute for abortion that was in effect prior to Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee, et al. v. Sundquist, 38 S.W. 3d 1 (Tenn. 2000).